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Join Let's Talk Menopause for its live event

Overcoming the Still-Stigmatizing Challenges in the Menopause Transition and Beyond

Fri, March 10, 2023, 8:20 AM – 12:30 PM EST • NYC

Doors open at 7:45 AM for Continental Breakfast and Networking

Cure at 345 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10010

Join Let’s Talk Menopause on Friday, March 10th, 2023 for a half-day event to learn how to address the challenges during the menopause transition and beyond. YOU deserve to feel better.

➡️ Painful sex and low sexual desire
➡️ Urinary leaking and urinary tract infections
➡️ Anxiety, depression, irritability, and other mood issues
➡️ Hot flashes and night sweats

Whether you are starting to experience menopausal symptoms, in the throes of perimenopause, or you are a provider looking to learn more to better treat your patients, this Menoposium is for you!

Our host is Tamsen Fadal—an influential and award-winning newscaster, journalist, author, and public speaker with her own menopause story.

We will also bring to our podium other well-known influencers, top doctors, and leading researchers in the menopause arena, including Dr. Stacia Alexander, Dr. Laurie Jeffers, Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, Dr. Robin Noble, Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg, Dr. Lauren Streicher, Dr. Rachel Rubin, Dr. Maria Uloko, Dr. Lisa Weinstock, and more.

The good news is we can feel better — but only if we (meaning ALL of us) and our providers know about stages, symptoms, and treatment options.

Doors open at 7:45am for networking and continental breakfast. The program starts at 8:20am.

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Let's Talk Menopause is a national nonprofit organization changing the conversation around menopause so women get the information they need and the healthcare they deserve.