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The Let’s Talk Menopause Podcast:
Hello Menopause

Wondering how to make sense of your menopause experience? Curious about what other women go through? Our podcast is the place to learn from both experts and our friends who’ve been there. Tune in to hear about work, sex, self-care, and relationships during and after the change. With candor, courage, and plenty of humor, these voices share guidance, personal trials and triumphs, universal truths, and the seldom-shared stories we all need to hear.

Illustration of woman holding up menopause symptoms

Hello Menopause is currently in production. Please stay tuned for launch date. Here's a sneak peek at the topics we will cover.

  • Menopause in the Workplace—What Are You Looking At?
  • I Love You, and I Want to Kill You—Menopause & Irritability
  • Is It Hot in Here, or IS IT HOT IN HERE? Hot Flashes 101
  • Increased Depression/Anxiety During Menopause—There Is Help
  • I Am My Best Self After Menopause  (No, Really!)
  • Premature Menopause & Infertility (Menopause Before 40)
  • Surgical Menopause After Hysterectomies & Oophorectomies 
  • Cancer and Menopause: Frenemies
  • Where Are My Keys? Brain Fog and Forgetfulness
  • Recurring UTIs, Leakage, and Other Sticky Matters