Avoiding Sex? Hate Hot Flashes? Fear Breast Cancer?

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November 15 at 1pm EST
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Has sex become more work than it’s worth? Do you want to crawl into your freezer to avoid hot flashes? Are you anxious about getting breast cancer and want to reduce your risk? 

If so, join our next Menopause Talks with renowned women’s health experts Dr. Lisa Larkin and Dr. Lauren Streicher. They will give you the skinny on alternative approaches for increasing your desire for sex (throw out your testosterone pellets), reducing your menopausal hot flashes (nonhormonal treatment coming soon!), and preventing and detecting breast cancer (personalized strategies). 

Both Drs. Larkin and Streicher share an interest in and expertise with menopause and sexual health. Dr. Larkin, a breast cancer survivor herself, is a national expert on breast cancer, including lowering its risk and detecting it earlier. So they will keep it real; and they will be honest about what will and won’t help us feel better and remain healthy during and long after menopause.

These are important midlife-and-beyond issues, so please bring your questions because Drs. Larkin and Streicher will draw on their decades of experience to address your concerns and give you answers.

About our Host:
Dr. Lauren Streicher 

Lauren Streicher, MD is a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, and the medical director of the Northwestern Medicine Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause. She is a certified menopause practitioner of the North American Menopause Society. In addition to authoring multiple scientific publications, she has written multiple books. Her most recent releases are Slip Sliding Away: Turning Back the Clock On Your Vagina-A gynecologist’s guide to eliminating post-menopause dryness and pain and Hot Flash Hell: A Gynecologist’s Guide to Turning Down the Heat. She is the host of Dr. Streicher’s Inside Information: THE Menopause Podcast.

About our Speaker:
Dr. Lisa Larkin

Trained at Yale and the University of Chicago, Dr. Lisa Larkin is a board-certified internist and midlife women’s health expert who has practiced in both academics and private practice since 1991 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Considered a national expert in menopause management, sexual medicine, breast cancer risk assessment and prevention, and migraine, Dr. Larkin is a well-known clinician, consumer educator, and lecturer with a passion for raising the standard of care for women and advancing evidence-based women’s healthcare. She is Founder and CEO of Ms.Medicine, a national health care organization she independently launched in 2020 to advance women’s health on a broader scale through innovation in care delivery models and consumer and clinician education through Ms.MedEd. She is also Founder and President of Concierge Medicine of Cincinnati.  

Dr. Larkin formerly served as Associate Professor and Division Director of Midlife Women’s Health and Primary Care at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and as the Director of the UC Health Women’s Center (2012-2016). She currently serves as Chair Scientific Program Committee for the 2023 Annual Meeting of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) and is President- Elect of the Board of Trustees of NAMS.

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