Our Mission

Let's Talk Menopause is a national nonprofit organization invested in changing the conversation around menopause so women get the information they need and the healthcare they deserve.

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Our Vision

Let’s Talk Menopause envisions a world in which menopause is broadly understood and comprehensive menopause care is standard.
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Our Goals

Empower women to navigate all stages of menopause.
Advocate for the medical community to invest in caring for women throughout menopause.
Educate the public about menopause so the topic is no longer taboo.
Connect women to find community and support throughout menopause.

Our Values

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We foster passion, talent, and the sharing of ideas.

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We endorse science and data-driven research.

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We value diversity, equality, and inclusion.

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We know that truth, unity, and integrity matter.

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We embrace compassion, empathy, and goodwill.

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We believe that laughter fuels creativity.

All Are Welcome Here

At Let’s Talk Menopause, we strive to be caring and to take care of one another. We welcome diverse perspectives and a wide array of voices. We say no to all forms of discrimination. We say All Are Welcome Here regardless of age, race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical disabilities, and more. We say this not because it’s the law, but because it makes us better AND stronger.