Let's Talk Menopause LIVE 2024

This year's annual Menoposium in Chicago was a huge success. Thank you to our incredible Sponsors and Partners.

The 2023 Recap

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If you missed our LIVE Half-Day Symposium on Sex, Mood, and More, watch the full event on YouTube or view each panel below.

Previously recorded on March 10, 2023.

Our Let's Talk Menopause LIVE 2023 event was a huge success!

Thank you to our sponsors, partners and attendees.

If you missed the LIVE event, we will be sharing video's from our panels in the coming weeks.

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Panel 1: Symptoms of Perimenopause & Menopause: Making Informed Choices About Treatment Options, Including Menopause Hormone Therapy

Tamsen Fadal hosts Dr. Mary Jane Minkin and Dr. Robin Noble

Panel 2: Why Don’t I Feel Like Myself? Understanding and Treating Depression, Anxiety, Irritability, and More

Tamsen Fadal hosts Dr. Stacia’ Alexander, Dr. Laurie Jeffers, Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg, and Dr. Lisa Weinstock

Panel 3: Addressing the Sexual, Urinary, and Vaginal Symptoms in Menopause and Beyond. There Are Solutions!

Dr. Lauren Streicher hosts Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg, Dr. Rachel Rubin, and Dr. Maria Uloko

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Photo Credit: Dirk Anschütz