Hello Menopause Season 2 Trailer
March 14, 2024

Menopause. It’s big, it’s life-changing and it’s… hardly talked about. Well we’re gonna do just that. Talk about it! This season, host Stacy London is joined by women who are leading the charge on understanding and managing the most mysterious non-mystery on Earth - menopause. Stacy welcomes guests like Dr. Mary Claire Haver, Carla Hall, Dr. Judith Joseph, Dr. Kelly Casperson, Naomi Watts, Dr. Sharon Malone and more to dig into the latest research and treatments, discuss the wide spectrum of menopause symptoms, and explore the benefits of aging. Each episode is full of information, guidance, and real world solutions to help women thrive in midlife.

Hello Menopause is a podcast from the national nonprofit Let’s Talk Menopause. Season two is produced in partnership with Studio Kairos. Edited by Revoice Media.

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Welcome to Hello Menopause, a podcast where we explore the many facets of menopause. From symptoms like brain fog and panic attacks to the latest research and treatment, we give you real world advice that you can use now to help you thrive in this stage of life and beyond. I'm Stacy London, style expert, author, women's health advocate, and your host for this season of Hello Menopause!

We'll explore the physical, emotional, and mental changes that women experience during this time, and we have candid conversations with women like board-certified OBGYN and menopause specialist Dr. Mary Claire Haver, who shares important nutrition and exercise insights that will help us all feel better.

“Even with zero changes in diet and exercise, the menopausal woman can expect to have at minimum body composition changes and a new onset of visceral fat deposition, but good news, there are a few studies that have looked at this and have some really concrete nutritional and exercise ways that we can combat them.”

And we talk to Dr. Sharon Malone, OBGYN, menopause expert, and chief medical advisor for Alloy Health about the historic women's study on hormone therapy and the impact that it had on the treatment of menopause.

“What really frustrates me, because as a clinician and being out there and being someone who practiced before the Women's Health Initiative was announced in 2002, during and after, the narrative about hormones has changed dramatically because the way that we practiced before the Women's Health Initiative was quite different than what happened afterwards. And I think that a lot of women have been ill served and have suffered needlessly.”

And award winning actress and film producer, Naomi Watts joins us to talk about going through early menopause right when she was ready to start a family.

“I definitely heard my mother talk about it. I have a distant memory that she had gone into menopause early, but it wasn't something I was thinking about. I didn't really remember it until I heard it directed towards me, which was right at the precipice of me wanting to start a family with my partner at the time.”

So, join me for the next season of Hello Menopause! your go-to for frank, useful, unforgettable conversations and information. We're changing the conversation around menopause, and in every episode, we explore the physical, emotional, and mental changes that women do experience during this transformative stage.

Produced by Let's Talk Menopause and Studio Kairos.

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