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Knowledge really is power. When it comes to menopause, knowing the physical, cognitive, and mental health changes that are often a part of the journey can make all the difference for symptom control, sanity, and staying healthy in the long-term. 

Let’s Talk Menopause offers powerful programs to help women feel more connected to this experience by learning from experts and each other. Whether you are looking for medical insight or an honest account from someone who’s been there, we’ve got you covered. 

Join us for webinars and podcasts that break down the intricacies of menopause — and its cultural taboo — so that we can live our best lives at every age.
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Public Awareness Campaign

Let’s Talk Menopause is on a mission to culturally kickstart a conversation. For too long, menopause has been a shrouded subject. We want to get people talking openly about menopause, so no one feels alone and in the dark. That’s why we’re launching a multilingual public awareness campaign. By putting the topic out there physically — on posters in subway stations and doctors’ waiting rooms — and sharing it on social media, we can educate everyone about what menopause is and why it’s essential for all of us —women and men — to know the facts. 

Help us get the conversation started by downloading our poster and sharing a selfie in front of it on your favorite social media platforms. Don’t forget to tag us! #letstalkmenopause

We are immensely grateful to Elizabeth Carr-Ellis and Clare Shepherd, founders of the U.K.–based menopause awareness organization, Pausitivity. Their Know Your Menopause campaign inspired us to follow suit with a public messaging program that puts the topic of menopause front and center in the U.S.
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Listen up, Ladies!

The Let’s Talk Menopause Podcast: Listen Up, Ladies!

Wondering how other women experience menopause? Or what to do about the symptoms you’re feeling? Our podcast is the place to learn from both experts and our sisters who’ve been there. Tune in to hear about work, sex, self-care, and relationships during and after the change. With candor, courage, and plenty of humor, these voices share guidance, personal trials and triumphs, universal truths, and the seldom shared stories we all need to hear.  

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Listen & Learn!


Our monthly webinars feature in-depth discussions with a wide range of specialists — from gynecologists and urologists to physical therapists and sex therapists — to create a deep and broad picture of how menopause impacts our bodies, our emotions, our relationships, our professional lives, and more. 
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